About us

Lipolytech is an innovative biotech company specialized in enzymes for in vitro digestion models. These models are used more and more today to reproduce the physiological conditions of the digestive processes taking place in the gastrointestinal tract. They find various applications in nutrition for predicting the digestibility of foods and in pre-clinical pharmaceutical research for testing lipid based formulations and the impact of their digestion on oral drug bioavailability.

We provide relevant digestive enzymes for simulating the gastric and intestinal phases of digestion, with a special focus on lipolytic enzymes. We offer services in the field of in vitro digestion using a two-step static model including a gastric phase and a duodenal phase. Our mission is to provide high quality products and premium support that address the needs and demands of today’s scientists in the area of in vitro digestion.


Sawsan AMARA, Founder & CEO